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Disabled (ADA) Parking
All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid campus permit. A Disabled (ADA) placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles is not a substitute for a campus permit. The placard, however, entitles you to park in spaces not otherwise available to campus visitors, staff or students. The spaces are described below.

Your best option …
  • If you have a Disabled placard (or plate) and are an infrequent visitor to UCSB:

    Consider purchasing a daily or short-term permit from permit dispensers located in parking lots throughout campus. View this Short Term Rates table to determine the cost of a permit.

  • If you become disabled:

    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the sole authorizing agency for Disabled placards. If getting to your campus destination imposes a hardship, we suggest that you contact the DMV for information about obtaining an Disabled (ADA) placard. The DMV determines the duration of the placard.

    A valid UCSB permit and a DMV-authorized Disabled placard entitles you to park in any Disabled space on campus.

  • If you are a disabled UCSB student and wish to apply for a Student parking permit:

    Students residing within two miles of campus need to visit the Parking Services office to apply for a Student permit. Be prepared to present your Disabled certificate and placard from the DMV. (Click here to determine whether the street on which you live is within two miles of campus.)

    Students living outside the two-mile exclusion zone can apply for a Student permit online. Click Buy your parking permit HERE to begin an order.
Where to park
Every parking lot and structure on campus has spaces allocated to Disabled parking. Their approximate locations are marked by Handicap Icon Disabled on the Interactive Map, and may be viewed here.

Disabled placard holders may also park in any lot or space designated for visitors, students, faculty or staff. Time-restricted spaces may be used without regard for the posted time limit. Parking in metered spaces without paying the meter is allowed, provided that you display a valid placard and a valid campus permit.

Areas to avoid
Disabled placards are not valid in fire lanes, reserved or restricted areas, or in areas not designated for parking. Parking is not permitted at red curbs or in the blue crosshatched areas adjacent to the accessible spaces.❖

How Disabled spaces are allocated
Parking Services makes every effort to establish convenient parking spaces for disabled persons. The number and type of spaces are determined in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and specifications. The spaces are normally installed in parking areas close to building entrances.

We consider recommendations from the Disabled Students Program and other campus constituents to help us locate Disabled spaces.

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